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Bring SPACEO™ Home to your home, Get free from sufferings!

Spaceo home makes your life easy. It does your daily tasks efficiently and works restlessly. So that you can utilize your precious time doing some productive things instead of wasting your time doing household work. Doing household work seems to be easy for humans but for machines(robots) it is a complicated task to do but still our robots do all those things for you. In short, Spaceo does all the work so that you can enjoy your life, gymming, dancing, yoga, following your hobbies, give time to yourself, go for outings, travelling, shopping etc.

House Cleaning

Enjoy the day with clean atmosphere around you. Spaceo will clean the whole house before you wake up in the morning. It can do the sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming etc. Spaceo have features like object recognition, obstacle detection and automatic organization of things, which makes it more efficient and easy to use.

Spaceo home
Spaceo home kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Reduces the stress of housekeepers in the kitchen. Spaceo can help out in the kitchen by organizing the messy kitchen counter, organizing utensils in proper order, cleaning the kitchen sink etc. Spaceo is more versatile and can perform multiple tasks.

Serving Foods & Drinks​

Spaceo can serve food and drinks. So that, you can spend quality time with your guests and let Spaceo do the serving. Just by giving the voice command you can order food & drinks for yourself.

Spaceo home Serving Foods & Drinks_
Spaceo Robot as a personal assistant

Intelligent Assisting

Spaceo is the best personal assistant for you. It can be a best friend for your child and caretaker for the older ones. It analyses the needs of people and acts accordingly. Spaceo is infused with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities that allows it to understand and respond to human speech and commands.

Organizing things​

Get yourself a personal organizer. It can clean and arrange your messy rooms and wardrobes in a synchronized way for you when you do not have time to do it. It keeps your home organized and well maintained.

General Knowledge​

Spaceo provides a solution for your questions. You can ask general questions whenever you need. For example, if your child does not have knowledge about “Who is A.P.J Abdul Kalam?” he/ she can simply ask Spaceo and it will answer accordingly.