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Robots for Planetary Spaces !

As per name SPACEO™, it is designed for space. It can survive and work efficiently on other planets. Spaceo Pro can perform various tasks which includes scientific research, lab testing, navigation, exploration etc. Spaceo also helps us to explore other planets and moons by doing various activities, including studying the universe and communicating with Earth.



Our Spaceo Pro is specifically designed to walk on the surface of the planets. Our robot is built with a sturdy and durable structure, able to withstand the harsh conditions of the planets such as Mars or Moon. Spaceo uses cameras and other sensors to detect obstacles, as well as to control systems that can adjust the movements to avoid the obstacles.


Spaceo Pro not only walks but also explores intelligently. It is designed for moving around, exploring, and gathering data. Spaceo Pro uses its intelligent vision ability to detect valuable components from any particular area. It will navigate the area of its location and report to the scientists. Spaceo performs a variety of tasks on the planets or Moon which can be too dangerous or difficult for humans.

Spaceo planetary robot
Spaceo collecting sample

Collection of Samples

Spaceo Pro has arms that help in scooping and collecting samples which can be used for analysis as well as storing it for further experiments.

Inferences send to Earth

Spaceo Pro is intelligent enough to perform lab testing of the samples on the spot without even sending the sample to the earth. Spaceo will allow scientists to receive data and inferences, which enables them to make decisions and adjust the mission accordingly.

Spaceo sending information on earth

Help in Building habitat for humans on Mars

Spaceo can play a crucial role in helping to build habitat on Mars by constructing colonies for humankind. With the advancement of technology, Spaceo will become more capable and versatile in the future.

Other industries​

As Spaceo Pro is a general-purpose robot it is also used for various activities in different industries like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education etc.

Applications in other Industries​


Spaceo Pro can be used in manufacturing to perform tasks such as pick up and drop, sorting, organizing, kitting, pelletizing, wall picking, and packaging.


Spaceo Pro is also used in healthcare to perform tasks such as patient monitoring and handling medical equipment etc.


Spaceo Pro can be always available as mentor in the classroom who can perform various educational activities such as teaching, Q&A, etc.


Spaceo can be the next office assistant who can serve food and beverages, clean and set up office rooms, handover the things etc.