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Automation = AI + Robotics

Let our robots to do the difficult and repetitive tasks!

We provide service robots as per industry requirements. Our robots can help in the accelerating production process in the automation industry for performing all the repetitive and difficult tasks.



Muks DeepVision Pro

One stop machine vision platform for enterprises. 

Muks Perimeter Protection System

Unlocking a new era of safety with our perimeter protection system, providing a system that gives real-time alert signals with high precision accuracy when any thing comes under the restricted area.

Anomaly Detection System

AI-powered anomaly detection methods in metal typically involve the use of computer vision, pattern recognition, and deep learning algorithms. These methods allow for the detection of even the smallest anomalies in metal materials, such as surface defects or inconsistencies in material composition.

Muks Vision Counting System

Revolutionizing inventory management with precision and efficiency, ensuring accurate stock counts and streamlined operations.

Muks Vision - Missing Part Detection System

By leveraging advanced techniques and robust algorithms, our system provide accurate and reliable inspection, ensuring the integrity and quality of the final products.

Muks Vision - Human Tracking System

Deep Vision Human Tracking Systems represent a groundbreaking advancement in surveillance and monitoring technologies, ushering in a new era of precision, accuracy, and efficiency. 

Muks Vision - Dimensioning System

Optimize your automotive production with our precise machine vision dimensioning solution. Accurate measurement for streamlined operations and quality control.

Use Cases of Anomaly Detection

Pick and Drop Process using AI Vision

Muks vision solution enables robots to accurately pick various individual items from an inventory bin and place them into an order container. These systems can navigate complex environments, identify objects, and make decisions based on real-time data. This enables robots to perform tasks such as pick-and-place operations, assembly, and packaging, reducing the risk of errors and increasing overall productivity.

Waste Segregation robot
Waste Segregation
Food/Fruits/Products Segregation robot
Food/Fruits/Products Segregation

Other AI Robotic Solutions

3D Vision and AI System

3D Vision and AI System

MuksOS 3D vision solution enables robots to accurately pick various individual items from an inventory bin and place them into an order container. Robots, guided by 3D vision system, can handle a wide variety of items (including cartons, boxes, poly bags, transparent packages, etc.) with ease. This system uses in different robot application such as Depalletizing and Palletizing, Machine Tending, Piece Picking, Bin Picking Assembly, Locating, and Gluing Inline Measurement.

Robot autopilot system (Autonomous Navigation system)

Robot autopilot system

An autonomous navigation system using AI is a type of robot autopilot system that enables a robot or a drone to navigate through its environment without human intervention. This system uses various sensors, such as cameras, lidars, and radars, to perceive its surroundings and make decisions based on the information it receives. We provide this solution for self-driving cars, drones, and robots used in manufacturing, logistics, and other industries.

How do we work?


We design and develop robots as per industry requirements. Designing of robots are taken care by the designing professionals as well as our team assures to fulfill the requirements of the industry.


We provide on field robot installation. We test the robots in your places and do the installation process easily and hassle-free.


We provide full operational support after installation of the robots which includes maintenance, technical support, software upgrades, etc.

Our service robots


Introducing Guardeo, a safe guard robot. It is quadruped robot powered by AI. It has ability to walk on bumpy surfaces, staircases, and climbing. It has vision system which provide real time site view. It is used in various fields like hotels, malls, etc. It is also used for Govt. services.

Movable Assistant Robotic System

Movable Assistant Robotic System or MARS is designed to serve as advanced, versatile, and highly interactive assistant in the various industries like Hotels, Healthcare, Warehousing, etc. It can carry payload according to the customization. It is cost efficient and works restlessly.

Autonomous Package Mover (APM)

Autonomous Package Mover (APM)

Autonomous Package Mover is an AI powered autonomous robot. It can carry pay load in it’s automatic moving trolly which will help in industries, warehousing etc for transporting easily and efficiently. It can carry weight up to 200 kgs. It is cost efficient and works restlessly.

Robotic Arm

We provide high precision Robotic Arm. It is helpful and most useful tool for automation industries. It is used for industrial purpose for pick up and drop, sorting, organizing, kitting, palletizing, wall picking, and packaging, etc. Robotic arm also provides freedom from performing tasks that are dangerous and risky.

Bionic leg and arm

Bionics & Prosthetics

We are building AI driven artificial limbs & prostheses. We provide high functioning, articulating bionics legs with balancing power and elegant designs. Instead of manual controlling we provide AI driven bionics and prosthesis.